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Friday, Apr 24th, 2015
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MTA - Apr 26, 2011 4:00 - 0 Comments

Streetsblog New York City » Swap the Suburban Payroll Tax for East River Bridge Tolls — Deal or No Deal?

Five Senate Republicans, led by Sen. John Bonacic, are making transit advocates an offer they can probably refuse. The payoff is appealing: state authorization for bridge tolls on the East River bridges. but the price they are demanding in return, the total repeal of the payroll mobility tax outside New York City, is too high […]


NYC Subway - May 2, 2011 2:02 - 0 Comments

Could the 3rd ave El have been save? and Connected into the Subway …

The third Avenue El originally traveled all the way down 3rd Avenue to South Ferry. The line was slowly cut back: It was cut back to Chatham Square in 1950, and was cut back to 149th Street in 1955. As far as tying it into another line goes, the only line with enough capacity would’ve […]


Subway Questions - 0 Comments

How do I take the New York subway from LaGuardia to the Comfort Inn, Brooklyn Bridge?

Can someone provide me detailed instructions for getting from LaGuardia (arriving around 11pm or so) to the Comfort Inn, Brooklyn Bridge (279 Butler Street, Brooklyn), via the subway? please include stops/changes, and where/how to buy subway passes. I’ll be in new York for 4 days and plan to use the subway for travel, so recommendations […]